What is Studio 368?

Studio 368 ("three six eight") is a studio, production company, community hub, content agency and creative experiential space based in NYC at the cross-section of SoHO / TriBeCa / Chinatown. The studio is described by some as a "content playground." 368 is focused on helping creators create as well as doing business (productions and experiences) with media companies and brands who need things made. The studio’s mission is to help creative people achieve their goals, connect with each other, collaborate and grow. To date, the studio has welcomed thousands of creators through its doors and hosted hundreds of community experiences, podcasts, livestreams, and creator-led productions.

Studio 368 is a community of creators, artists, storytellers, innovators and builders. It is equal parts a community hub and storytelling studio designed to bring people together around new ideas, new forms of content and new experiences. It is a place to meet, work, find support, help others, learn and create.

More About Creators

The “Studios” at Studio 368 are where all forms of storytelling are explored, a playground for content creation and experiences. The format of the space is defined by unique studios, each meant to unlock any form of creativity. The Store Studio. The Kitchen Studio. The Community Studio. The Green Room Studio. The Game Studio. The Edit Studio. The Podcast Studio. The Photo Studio. The Workshop Studio.

Studio 368 does business as a new media production company and creative content agency powered by the creative people who gather here. The community here believes that storytelling with partners is more than just a production gig, it is a community experience, a development opportunity, a reason to celebrate both each other as well as the companies that choose to support the mission of 368.

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The 368 community of creators is made up of individuals professionally focused on creating, expressing & sharing stories -- creators of art, videos, music, immersive media, photography, podcasts, experiences, livestreams, products, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Twitch and the such. Creators are never charged for anything, there is no membership nor application, they do not pay for studio usage and 368 does not act as their professional representation. The unique community at 368 is the reason partners approach & hire the studio for professional work but the studio’s relationship with the community is defined as: (1) collaborators, (2) fob-holders and (3) residents.

368 Collaborators

Through community experiences hosted at the studio, 368 meets new people and builds relationships with collaborators who routinely work with the studio for the more ambitious projects that they may need some help with.

368 Fob-Holders

50+ NYC Creators with daily independent access to Studio 368, M-F, 10am-6pm. They are trusted ambassadors for the studio, supporters of each other and also caretakers of the studio on a day-to-day basis.

368 Residents

Resident Creators sit at the core of 368, with daily access as well as the ability to maintain personal work space within the studio. These creators may routinely host guests, schedule studio time outside of regular business hours when possible and receive priority with studio resources and collaboration opportunities. Residents are not bound by 368 and remain independent.




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